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Terex CBI 6800CT Regrind Competitive Advantages

While Terex CBI grinders and equipment are relatively new on the Midwestern scene, the brand is currently taking the Columbus Equipment Company territory by storm. Operationally speaking, the CBI Magnum Force 6800CT Horizontal Grinder is engineered to outperform and outlast any competitive machine. How is it able to deliver more efficient and powerful regrinding performance?

  1. Extreme rotor weight: The 6800CT’s forged drum rotor is virtually solid and heavier than competitive rotors by a healthy margin. This additional weight/mass translates into inertia gained, minimal fluctuation in RPM, greater compression and improved end-product consistency.

  2. No rakers: The absence of rakers in the 6800CT grinding system results in a reduction of drag. As a result, the teeth gain access to the material more effectively and, again, are able to process more consistently.

  3. Mill RPM: The 6800CT’s 1,200 HP, CAT C32 engine generates 2,050 engine RPM and a mill speed of 1,500 RPM—400 more than competitive machines. This increased RPM results in high mill tip speeds, which are well suited to fine grinding at high capacities and high efficiency.

  4. Anvil placement: A revolutionary design allows for material to flow on top of the rotor. By wrapping more than 190º around the rotor, the 6800CT’s screening area is also 15% larger, allowing production rates to soar.

Of course, a list of inspired engineering feats is about as good as the paper they’re written on, or the digital space they occupy. While those feats have been seen to boost regrind rates by as much as 50%, the true test is in the field … in the hands of your operators, processing your material, in the applications you face every day.

Looking to outperform your current production levels, and increase your grinder’s longevity, call for a demo today. We believe the 6800CT is up to your toughest test and, when coupled with Columbus Equipment Company’s unrivaled regional support, is your best long-term, grinding solution … by far.

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