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Material Processing Division’s Remote Support Service (RSS) Widely Considered Best in the Business …

The Material Processing Division’s Remote Support Service (RSS) is in place to field any customer requests for remote service support on the full-line of divisional equipment.

In the event of an issue, just pick up the phone and call for Komatsu, CBI, Terex Ecotec, CMI, FAE, Rotobec or Quadco equipment advice. Contact Josh Lovett at (513) 910-3869 for ASTEC equipment support. There is no charge for the call, and the value is compelling when compared to a field-service visit.

What’s typically addressed through RSS?

1. Machine production efficiency (via grinding settings): If your equipment is not pre-set for optimal efficiency, it will be burning time and money every time you fire it up. The difference in sub-optimal and optimal production can amount to as much as 50-100 yards/hour, or as much as 1,000 yds./day under peak season conditions. Note: Changes in material composition/mix can easily shift the machine out of peak to sub-peak operation. Proper maintenance (inc. replacement of wear parts—anvils, teeth etc.) will also ensure you stay on peak-production track.

2. Electrical issues

3. Education: Whether it’s machine-related—yds./hour (mulch/topsoil) or acres/day (forestry and/or landclearing) your looking to optimize—or application education (assessing right equipment/mix of equipment to complete a project?) or operator or mechanic education (MICS, other systems, grinder itself?) … RSS has your back.

4. Parts ordering

I recommend if you have any issues with your equipment, you simply make the phone call first. You have nothing to lose. Many times, the issue can be resolved via a remote fix. If not, a technician will be dispatched. Note: To ensure we are able to be as effective as possible remotely, it is generally very helpful if the operator can provide pictures of the issues in question.

Even in situations where you know the part you need, Environmental Division technicians are specialized in resolving any operational issue with the equipment. We can differentiate parts required and/or suggest alternate or additional parts that save or offset future costs and downtime over the long haul. Most, if not all, calls also result in increased operational efficiency and production.

In the event you experience downtime, or are in a pinch, feel free to contact us. We look forward to adding you to a long list of satisfied Remote Support Service customers.

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