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Quadco vs. Gator: Which Tooth Is Best Suited For Your Operation?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

There are several decisions to make when choosing saw teeth. Quadco and Gator are two of the leading manufacturers, and popular choices. The good news: Columbus Equipment Company provides both. Here’s how the two stack up:

  1. Range/Selection: Quadco offers a wide range of cutting tool options, covering all saw heads, including lighter-weight SC Models. While Gator offers a range of products that focuses on B and C Models.

  2. Application: Expanding upon that, from an application perspective, Gator focuses its offering on operations that are working with heavyweight, large-diameter timber and are looking for maximum holding power (B Model)—clear-cut logging, for example—and those working tall timber, looking for ease-of-accumulating small wood at faster cycle times (C Model). Quadco also serves both these markets, as well as the customer who benefits from the lower rotating mass and quicker recovery times of the SC Model as they process a variety of timber. These applications include certain land-clearing projects, as well as right-of-way clearing.

  3. Price Point: Ballpark, Quadco teeth are around 25% less expensive than Gators.

  4. Durability: Gator parts tend to outlast Quadco (anecdotally reported) by around 25%, if not more (see Kevin Caudill comment below, pictured above). Reversible options can also greatly extend the tooth’s longevity, effectively doubling the life of the holder. Note: All hotsaw teeth are reversible, regardless of brand.

  5. Degradation: Gator teeth offer a more linear degradation (as reported from the field). While both teeth are fabricated from either steel or carbide, or a combination of both, Gators are designed with two, additional, smaller cutting tips on each corner. The more predictable rate of degradation this design offers makes it easier to plan and operate more consistently. And not busting the backs out of your saw’s teeth comes with a certain peace of mind.


“Most of our work is clear-cutting with a good deal of hardwood. I like the Gators. They are quicker, smoother and longer lasting. They’re more forgiving when working in rocky ground. And, in our experience, the Gators last as long as two sets of Quadcos. They just do a better job.”

Kevin “Skip” Caudill | Operator | Corbett R. Caudill Chipping Inc.


There are a few decisions to make to match up the right tooth with your application, it’s generally not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Here are the teeth—Quadco and Gator—Columbus Equipment Company offers to help you achieve this goal. Also, if the fit is good, take advantage of this month’s savings through our March cutting-tool promotion.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Forestry Product Specialist Garrett Bailey, at (513) 910-3869. We always appreciate your time … have a safe and productive March!

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