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Pre-Stocking of High-Turn-Over Parts

We recommend more customers keep a supply of high-turnover parts on their own shelves. A small investment of $2-3,000 in key parts will likely save the operation $20-30,000 in lost production at some point in the not-too-distant future. Not to mention, a $300 bearing may easily cost $500 when shipped Next Day Air in an emergency situation.

A reserve parts supply is also insurance against today’s incredibly tight labor market conditions. Generally speaking, gone are the days when your personnel are all 30-year veterans who are wholly invested in your equipment’s maintenance and performance. If your crew has a single, less-than-dedicated weak link who may neglect any aspect of the machine’s daily inspection/maintenance schedule, you owe it to your operation to stock back-up parts to cover the inevitable component failure and resultant downtime.

Below are some technician recommendations for such an inventory for wood-processing equipment:

· Bearings

· Wear parts (inserts, anvils, hardware and screens)

· Air filters

· Mulcher teeth

· Stumper teeth

Call Garrett Bailey today at (513) 910-3869, or Josh Lovett at (614) 980-1466, for the wood-processing or aggregate parts you need, at a fair price, before you need them. It’s the smart decision.

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