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PDQ Parts Program: Everything You Didn't Know ...

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

PDQ Parts Program postcard

High chrome white iron is a highly-abrasion-resistant alloy that outperforms chromium carbide overlay (CCO), steel and AR 400 in a wide range of wear applications. It’s comprised of carbides and martensite, which make chrome white iron exceptionally wear resistant and hard … up to 1500-1800HV wear resistant and hard.

Q: Why should you care? A: PDQ chrome white iron washing wear parts last longer.

What else you need to know: Q: Which OEM aggregate equipment parts can PDQ parts replace? A: A wide range of parts including for ElJay®, Cedarapids® and Eagle Iron Works® equipment … to name a few. Q: What parts does the program offer? A: The PDQ Parts Program offers thousands of after-market parts—ranging from screen tension components to 2" flange bearings to fine material washer flights and paddles—all engineered as solutions to your aggregate equipment parts needs. Q: How can I be assured PDQ parts offer the same quality as my OEM parts? A: Rooted in manufacturing and metallurgical excellence, PDQ wear parts are equivalent or superior in fit and finish, and quality to OEM parts from a wide variety of manufacturers. Case studies have demonstrated increased wear life compared to OEM equivalents. PDQ Parts Program’s commitment to quality is also backed by, and guaranteed with, a 6-month, 1,000-hour warranty. Q: Will PDQ parts save me money? A: PDQ parts are, in many cases, more affordable than OEM parts. In addition, the fact your Columbus Equipment Company aggregate product support specialist carries PDQ parts onboard means quicker response time, less downtime and reduced loss of production—and revenue—as a result.

Looking for high-performance, after-market parts at competitive prices? Look no further … maximize the performance, uptime and life of your processing equipment with affordable, dependable, high-quality PDQ parts by calling Columbus Equipment Company’s Aggregate Product Support Specialist Josh Lovett at (614) 980-1466 today.

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