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Optimizing Grinder Throughput: As Easy As “A, B, C” with CBI’s Intelligrind™ System

Intelligrind™ is a variable-speed, infeed system used to maximize material throughput by reducing, or negating, the amount of time the infeed system stops/starts. When used correctly, it can be a powerful tool to improve machine performance with mind-blowing, initial-grind production of up to—and even exceeding—700 yards per hour.*

Intelligrind Enable and Intelligrind Start RPM

Activate an additional menu to enable or disable Intelligrind. If the iG symbol is red, it is disabled; white or green indicates enabled. Move the small round dot left or right to adjust Intelligrind Start RPMs. The Intelligrind start RPM setpoint represents the RPM at which the feeds will begin to slow down.

Intelligrind Aggression

The Intelligrind Aggression RPM setting is the span of engine RPMs that the feeds will go from commanded to zero, once the Intelligrind start RPM is reached. There are four RPM options that are selectable by pressing the button: 100, 200, 300 and 400 (see lower chart of the two above).

Commanded Feed Speeds

The “% CMD” is an adjustable parameter that changes the feeds speed command output, in percentage, at which the feeds will run. The “FPM ACT” is the actual speed feedback, in feet per minute, at which the feeds are running.


When used correctly, it can be a powerful tool ... with mind-blowing, initial-grind production of up to—and even exceeding—700 yards per hour.*


Tips and Tricks to Setting Up Intelligrind

Big picture, the best advice for introducing Intelligrind into your production process is to make small setpoint changes, monitor, and then adjust, as needed. A dialed-in Intelligrind will optimize the range on the setpoints and maintain an engine RPM that is a couple hundred RPM above the Load Sense Trip setpoint, thereby reducing the stop/start pulsing.

In reality, when you come to set up Intelligrind, we’ll be right there with you. Once your production needs—input material, product output etc.—have been identified, we are able to set up the machine, and few adjustments are typically needed. As part of that process, our specialists will assess additional mechanical considerations—tip size, tip wear, screen size, and maintenance schedules—before throughput can be optimized.

If you have any questions about CBI’s 6800CT or 5800BT horizontal grinders generally, or Intelligrind system specifically, feel free to contact Machine Sales Representative Jesse Garber at (937) 239-7180 or Product Specialist James Speiser at (614) 563-6030. We look forward to serving your high-performance grinding needs.

*Initial-grind set up, 6”-8” screens.

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