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Look No Further

Looking to Redefine Your Operation’s Efficiency?


It doesn’t matter what numbers you’re looking to crush … CBI Magnum Force Horizontal Grinders are engineered to do just that. Powered by Intelligrind™—a smart, variable speed infeed system—the CBI 6800CT tops 700 yards/hour in primary grind settings with 6”-8” screens.

At Champion Landscape Equipment and Supply, this powerhouse bettered Morbark 6400XT throughput by 120 yards per hour—a 66% increase—and boosted the company’s profit margin by over 20% (see magazine below for full story). At H&H Land Clearing, the 6800CT near doubled throughput, doing so on 40% less fuel consumption.

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Operator, Champion Landscape Equipment and Supply
“It’s been a great machine. We’ve used Morbark mainly, Bandit, Petersen and with the CBI … there’s no comparison in how much better it does.”
Owner, Champion Landscape
Equipment and Supply
“Your cost per yard is significantly less with the CBI over the Morbark. Yeah, 20% margin. If you were doing 180 yards an hour and now you’re doing 300 yards an hour, I mean that’s a huge increase.”
Operator, Champion Landscape Equipment and Supply
“With the other grinders I’ve run before, the CBI puts out at least, at least I’d say, 100 more yards an hour on production.”
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Owner, H&H Land Clearing
“The time it takes us to process a load (100 yards) with the CBI is almost 50% less—8 minutes versus 15 minutes—and the fuel cost is close to 40% lower. The 6800CT is a great machine. It’s been a real game changer for us.”

Serious about lowering your total cost of ownership, hitting a throughput home run … and increasing your profitability significantly? Land clearing and wood waste professionals who make the switch to CBI Magnum Force grinders never look back.

Call Jesse Garber at (937) 239-7180 and make the CBI investment in your business today!


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